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The intergroup on Integrity, Transparency, Corruption and Organised crime was established in January 2015.


- 25th November 2016: ITCO PRESS STATEMENT: Juncker not willing to seriously address revolving doors

- 9th November 2016: ITCO PRESS STATEMENT: MEP's target the Commission on ethics, whilst failing to fix their own code of conduct

- 31st October 2016: ITCO PRESS STATEMENT: EP ITCO Intergroup outraged by Barroso's Goldman job Ruling

- 29 September 2016:ITCO Intergroup Press Statement-Proposal for a Mandatory Transparency Register Reflects ITCO Input

- 22 September 2016: ITCO Intergroup Press Statement-ITCO demands a thorough investigation by the EU Ad Hoc Ethical Committee into former Commissioner Kroes’ connection to Bahamas Offshore Leak

- 29 June 2016: ITCO Intergroup Press Statement on LuxLeaks Whistle-blower Antoine Deltour’s Trial

- 13 May 2016: ITCO Intergroup Press Statement: Cross party alliance within the European Parliament draws attention to urgent need to protect whistle-blowers across Europe

- 2 May 2016: ITCO Intergroup Press Statement on EU Lobbying and Transparency Register

- 26 April 2016: ITCO Intergroup: Today is a Black Day for Whistleblowers

- 13 April 2016: TCO Intergroup call for the Members of the European Parliament to VOTE NO on the Trade Secrets Directive

- 6 April 2016:ITCO condemns global system of clandestine financial operations via Panama

- 30 March 2016: ITCO supports Transparency International’s petition for a mandatory EU lobby register

- 5 February 2016: Legislative Footprint close to becoming reality in the European Parliament

- 27 January 2016 - Statement: corruption remains challenge in EU member states

- 29 October 2015 - Statement regarding revolving doors

-16 October 2015: Members of European Parliament urge European authorities to investigate Isabel dos Santos' investments in Portugal

-7 October 2015: ITCO Letter to EP President Martin Schulz, concerning the current state of affairs on state of play of the internal rules on whistleblowing in the EU

- 7 October 2015: ITCO intergroup pressures the European Parliament to ban salaried side jobs

Upcoming Events

  1. Anti-Corruption Day

    December 9
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JOIN Anti-Corruption event hosted by MEP @DdJong at @Europarl_EN #strasbourg w/ @UNODC @ITCO_Intergroupt.co/bQLeymJe31

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@JunckerEU not willing to seriously address #Revolvingdoors . ITCO Co-Chairs @DdJong de Jong and @ellyesse Schlein… t.co/gcpTiYP16k

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(((Ana Gomes, MEP)))

@ITCO_Intergroup debates #HumanRights & whistleblowing listening to #whistleblower Ana Garrido of #España @DdJong @ellyesse @javorbenedek

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