On the 4th of May Mr. Onidi, as representative of the European Commission came to the LIBE committee of the European Parliament to give an explanation why there is still no 2nd EU anti-corruption report. The Deputy Director-General for Security of the Directorate General HOME was sticking to the Commission line that it is not necessary for another report. Remarkable, as it was not even three months ago that large-scale protests broke out in Romania against corruption.

Somehow, the Commission believes it is sufficient to only look at corruption in terms of the European Economic semester. However, that means that corruption within the European institutions is no longer subject of the conversation. And the selection of countries that are given recommendations has become rather arbitrary.

The EU still has to comply to the obligations of the United Nations: The UN Convention against Corruption has the EU as a signing party and from that springs the responsibility to monitor corruption and preventative measures. The Commission has its work cut out for it.


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