On the 11th of April, the Conference of Presidents will discuss the proposal for the revocation of Exxon Mobil’s lobbyists’ badges.  The ITCO Intergroup ( Intergroup on Integrity Transparency Corruption and Organised Crime) would like to call on the Conference of Presidents for the withdrawal of ExxonMobil’s lobby badges pursuant to Rules of Procedure rule 116a(3). Exxon Mobil refused to participate in the joint PETI-ENVI Committee hearing on 21st March on their funding and promotion of climate change denial.


We, as members of the European Parliament, believe in the accountability and transparency of our European democracy, and it is our responsibility to make sure everyone participating in democratic processes can exercise their rights and duties according to the rules of the European Parliament. The application of rule 116a(3) in this case is essential to maintain the seriousness and credibility of the European Parliament as a democratic institution.


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