On 28th of November the report on transitional allowances for former EU office holders has been presented in the Committee on Budgetary Control in the European Parliament. The report concludes that there is no research available on conflicts of interest, resulting in a need to carry out research. 87% of former officeholders of the European Parliament claim transitional allowances, by far the most from all EU institutions. There should be enough evidence to be sure about the need for transitional allowances. A conflicts of interests arises in situations where a person has multiple roles and could be said to wear two hats. Where individuals have more than one official role, it may be difficult to keep the roles separate.

Transitional allowances are legitimate; they compensate financial insecurity but very few politicians have problems finding new work after leaving. Despite that, there are additional claims, even if they have found employment in the private sector. The transitional allowance does not reduce if a Member of European Parliament assumes a public office without becoming a ‘senior official exercising public authority’ or assumes an occupation in the private sector. A former MEP is entitled to EUR 50 904,30 over six months. Former workers of some institutions have the right to receive the allowances for 24 months, others for 36 months.

The ITCO Intergroup agrees with the recommendations of the research. One of the recommendations is to harmonise the rulesThe allowances could, for example, be reduced when there is a conflict of interest. Transitional allowances should only be provided when there is a real need for an allowance. Instead of transitional allowances more immaterial support could be provided, like coaching. There is no explicit mention of any relation between transitional allowances and post-office employment restrictions. The relationship between transitional allowances and post-office employment restrictions should be strengthened.


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